1. D

    [Suggestion Request] Best Noise Cancellation Over the ear headphones for multimedia under 12k

    Please suggest a good noise cancellation over the ear headphones under 12k .
  2. S

    Want to buy Headphones for less than Rs.1000.

    I am thinking about this one.they are in my budget.what do you think? is it a good choice? Philips SHL3000 Over-the-ear Headphones - Philips: Flipkart.com
  3. gdebojyoti

    [Buying advice needed] Over-the-ear headphone with mic | ~ Rs 1200

    I am looking for a good over-the-ear headphone, with a decent mic (with noise cancellation feature) which I will be using for recording some stuff for my videos. Preferably within Rs 1200. Which one should I go for? If possible, please include the product link from Flipkart or other...
  4. TheLetterD

    Headphones for 4~4.5K

    Hello! Im looking for the best headphones (Over OR On the Ear type) @4K (Can extend Budget to 4.5K if the deal is really good) I basically listen to Hip Hop and at times A little Jazz. Clarity should be good, Im not planning on using them at high volumes. Will be using them to watch Movies...
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