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  1. S

    Internet problem

    I m able to access any gmail account. But i m not able to access any orkut through orkut.com or via gmail
  2. anzaan

    orkut and gmail doesnt opens!!!

    hi guys.. i have this problem and i hv tried searchng in google for references bt no help. I am using hathway connctn in bangalore and am not able to open orkut and gmail.com i chckd my firewall and its off and m nt blckng any sites. gmail opens sometimes so does orkut but most of the times...
  3. Choto Cheeta

    orkut.com an Adult Web Site ??

    Hi, I am using open DNS in our cafe networks, but since day before yesterday, OpenDNS.com stoped orkut.com saying its one Adult web site... Since when orkut.com become a adult web site ?? http://www.opendns.com/cache/adult/ <<< Ckeck here :( Man had to work hard to get all networks...
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