1. Paavni Sethi

    Did anyone use the Microsoft SMS organizer?

    I deleted it the moment it asked for access to my OTPs/sensitive information in SMSes. I still think I need a SMS organiser to delete waste SMSes like OTPs etc. Any suggestions?
  2. D

    Need a PC organiser software

    Hey all, I need a PC organiser software with which I can- set reminders, create events, notes & tasks and check/ uncheck them when they are done. Or mark important stuff, order by priority or due date etc. An online app would be fine too. Please suggest what you think will be the best software...
  3. M

    Please suggest a good free music organiser available

    Please suggest me the name of a good free music organiser for organising my music collection.
  4. sridatta

    Suggest a PDF organiser

    Hello Frenz... I have a huge collection of E-books and its becoming hard to organize and search for them whenever i want.. Can anyone please suggest me a good FREE PDF organiser which can organise all my pdfs logically and include search feature.. I searched google but couldnot get any free...
  5. K

    Problems to open Clip organiser

    I've WinXP SP2 system, with Office 2003 Professional installed. Recently I reinstalled the Office 2003 Professional in my machine but to my surprise I found that I couldn't open the Clip Organiser thereafter although a lot of clips there resides in the clip art files. Whenever I go to open it, a...
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