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    Need Indian IP..Help !!

    I am currently out of India and I do really need Indian IP address to complete few online tasks. I am currently using Hide IP Easy (pirated version ofc :( ). But this one is too freaking sloww. Any ideas will be appreciated. VPNs??
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    Portable HDD (2.5") 160/250/320 GB

    Hi. Looking for a Portable HDD ( 2.5" ), in NCR region. Preferably Noida. Should be in working condition. Never dropped and free from aberrations ofc. Would obv prefer a fresh/freshly rma-ed piece. Pm me offers pls.
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    !!.:GIMP~art:.!! (Bandwidth Warning)

    GIMP is really awesome and I'm messing with it for some days now and learning everything I possibly can. Hopefully I will post some real neat professional works (ofc with my watermark) here as I go along. Please share your GIMPart in this thread. Starting Samples:
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