1. anirbandd

    Signature Acoustics Elements Be-09 Review

    The Elements Be-09 [pronounced ‘benign’] is the second instalment in the Signature Acoustics Elements series. The critically acclaimed C-12 was the first IEM for the Elements series as well as Signature Acoustics. With the Elements Be-09, Signature Acoustics has ventured into IEMs with mics...
  2. anirbandd


    Early in January 2015, I was contacted by the TDF representative of SignatureAcoustics. I was told that they had another product, the O-16 that they were putting up for independent and unbiased first impressions/reviews. Since reviewing (and subsequently buying) the C-12 IEMs, I was always...
  3. N

    Nt Authority/system Shutdown

    Am using WinXP PRO SP2 Since the last two days I get message once or twice to the effect that NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM Shutdown within 60 seconds. Just cannot resolve this and hence this post. Please help. My Hijackthis file is as under : Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1 Scan saved at 10:14:19 AM...
  4. B

    Is there any hope for me?

    hi all, i am using an IBM Thinkpad with 1GB RAM. Few days back, I got my wall paper changed to an ad of one anti spyware. Some other observations were as follows: 1. I could not right click on the desk top but if check my display settings through control panel>system..., no change was...
  5. bharathbala2003

    help me urgent in deep sh!t

    guys this laptop is infected to da core!!!! got all sortsa nonsense!!! i dunno how it got downloaded.. my sis has been using it evenwithout knowing its affected!! omg i installed Avast.. A2.. S&D.. MSASP.. Ad-Aware.. but still sux!!! there is sum cr@ppy prog called TRENDMICRO Office scan corp...
  6. kl_ravi

    can I delete this registry key ??

    Hi friends, I am trying to cleanup Internet explorer and I have used spybot to remove all unwanted stuff and BHO's. But still I can see "Begin2Search bar" in the right click menu. How to get rid of it... ??? I did a registry search and came across this key HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\eeennn...
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