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  1. R

    guys plz tell me how to order a dell battery?

    i am posting for the second time. no1 knows here how to buy a dell battey? plz reply.
  2. Satissh S

    Ubuntu --- Bug No 1 :-)

    Well.. Here is a humorous bug, at Launchpad, All you FOSS fanatics out there, take OATH to rectify this bug, TODAY! BUG No1 (Launchpad) :) ;)
  3. rakee

    Digit Linux

    well sorry if you all mistook theres a Linux distro....DigitLinux lets post here our request of linux distribution needed in the next issue.let digit decide from the major requests i need in december 2004---mandrake 10.1---the no1 linux and guyz care to develop a linux from scratch and...
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