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no boot

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    Motherboard not starting up.

    I have Asus m2n-vm dvi Mobo with 940 pin cpu .... when i power up the system, cpu and smps fan starts and shuts down after 5 seconds, I have disconnected everything from Motherboard, just the CPU and mobo then fireup, same thing happens, then I removed the cpu, then the smps fan keeps going. I...
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    Dell Vostro A840 Ram Problem

    Hello! Dell Vostro A840, Core 2 duo, 3gb ram (1+2)gigs DDR II 800 mhz. Problem: Caps, Scroll, num lock leds blinks with the two extremes together or only the centre one. I found that this problem is with the RAM. Solution Tried: Swapping Ram, only one Ram in either slots, Checked with other...
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