1. A

    FS : Processor+Motherboard+RAM

    ASUS P5RD1-VM Intel Celeron D 336 2.8GHz(3.780GHz) 1GB DDR 400 Simmtronics ------------------------- Rs 7500/- (Incl. shipping anywhere in India) Free Cooler Master Thermal Paste ! Does 3780MHz on stock volts, 100% stable. Navtech Cabinet+Intex400W PSU also a/l for 900 bucks ...(Extra)(Excl...
  2. montylee

    Zebronics/VIP availability in Delhi

    Hi, Yesterday my friend went to Nehru Place to get the latest rates of some hardware. He also tried to query the prices of Zebronics, VIP cabinets but couldn't find any. He could only find Navtech. Are zebronics/VIP cabinets available in Delhi? If yes then please give the details...
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