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  1. V


    1. *Model number and details: NAD VISO HP50 (White) 2. *Date of purchase: It was a gift. Received it today brand new. Just unboxed to check if everything was intact. 3. Reason for sale: I am not an audophile or a pro sound guy. Need the money for my new PC. 4. Warranty details: Usually, they...
  2. Ray

    Which is a better choice:8600GT or 8600GTS?

    In this month's digit it is written that 8600GT has solid state capacitors so it can be overclocked.can it match the performance o 8600GTS when overclocked. my config is E6300 proccy,Asus P5B mobo nad 1GB ddr2 ram.Can I overclock it? the price difference between 8600GTS and GT is 6k.is the...
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