1. D

    The Mutual Funds Investment Thread

    What is a Mutual Fund? A mutual fund is a kind of investment that uses money from many investors to invest in stocks. It is professionally managed by a Fund Manager who does his independent research and decide where the investment should be made. When a lot of shares are available on stock...
  2. R

    What are the best mutual fund options in India?

    I am 30 years old male Indian and want to earn money by investing in mutual funds. I don't know which schemes to invest in. I'm looking for a 5 to 10 years return period. Thanks!
  3. N

    Mutual Friends - FB

    Hi, got a question, how come one of my friends does show up in mutual friends - with another of my friends on FB and some that are not my friends, but does not show up in the mutual friends list with some of my friends and few that are not my friends? :?:
  4. B

    C implementation of Bakery algorithn

    Can somebody please help me in implementing the Bakery algorithm of mutual exclusion in C or C++ ? Please help.
  5. webgenius

    How to invest online?

    Hello All, I would like to invest in shares and Mutual Funds online. But how to do it? Currently I'm not able to buy all the Mutual Funds from Citibank account online, since they only support a few specific schemes. However if I buy through another bank by visiting their office, they charge...
  6. abhijit_reddevil

    What is a mutual fund?

    What is a mutual fund? I need to invest in 1-2 of them but I need to get the basics right.
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