1. A

    home theatre system

    I recently installed a home theatre system in my room. I connected it to my pc via AUX. I am not able to get multichannel \ dolby output in it. I get dolby multichannel effect if i play a disk using the dvd player of the system but how do i get it via my pc. Do i need any dolby encoder or...
  2. JohnephSi


    Is there any mobile phones for my budget of Rs 5000. having edge class 10, multichannel gprs, inbuilt modem Iam vey urgent and iam confused about it
  3. JohnephSi

    help help

    Does Nokia 6070 has n inbuilt modem n Multichannel gprs support. Iam going to buy a mobile phone having an edge, multichannel gprs support,inbuilt modem.
  4. JohnephSi


    Suggest me a good edge phone with multichannel gprs support phone. My budget is Rs 5000
  5. JohnephSi

    NOKIA 6o70

    Does NOKIA 6070 has multichannel GPRS support
  6. Kalyan

    Suggestion needed - desktop or lappy

    Hi.. I need a suggestion. I was planning to buy a new pc for myself. I use it mostly for gaming, programming and 3d designing, and multimedia. I was planning for an AMD 64x2 with min. 1GB RAM. etc.. My friend had informed me that he could arrange for a lappy from US, if I wanted. Now, I am in...
  7. sourav

    Whether the phone support multichannel gprs.

    How can anyone know that the phone he has supports multichannel gprs? I know that nokia 6681 supports multichannel gprs.
  8. C

    Does Ngage support multichannel gprs?

    I want to know what is Multichannel gprs is and does Ngage support it? bcoz i want to use the free bsnl gprs trick which is only supported by multichannel gprs phones. Thanks.
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