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  1. D

    MTS Mblaze keeps redirecting me to ""

    How can I stop MTS Mblaze redirecting me to "" every time I connect to a website? The only exceptions I've found to the rule are Google, DuckDuckGo, and the MTS India website. I've tried changing my DNS. No matter what I do, it works well for a couple minutes, only to start...
  2. F

    3G dongle for use in Bangalore

    Hello Friends I m using MTS Mbalze postpaid 3G plus 999 plan. Recently I have been downgraded from 40Gb plan to 15GB day + 15Gb night plan. I m planning to shift to any other data provider. Please suggest the best option available in Bangalore. Monthly Budget: Rs 1000-1500 Data Required: Min...
  3. ©mß

    How to install MTS Mblaze in Backtrack R3?

    I am using Backtrack with live dvd and want to install MTS Mblaze in order to access internet. But how do I install it in BT?
  4. ©mß

    Can I connect datacard to a router & use Wi-Fi?

    I want to know if I can connect my MTS datacard to a router and use Wi-Fi?
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