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  1. raksrules

    Suggest a P&S Digital Camera

    Planning to buy a new P&S Digital camera. Requirements are... 1. Decent Mpx (i know high Mpx does not mean good camera). Current cam has max 8 Mpx. 2. Better zoom (current camera has 5X optical zoom), new one has to have far more. 3. Good or at least decent pics in low light / night conditions...
  2. raksrules

    Suggestions for Camera in Range of 300 USD from USA

    Suggestions for Camera in Range of 300 USD from USA I will be buying a new camera by this year end. I am no camera pro and have little to no details about how to choose a camera. I do not want a DSLR since my camera skills are not really good. My main requirements (from little details i...
  3. Y


    help urgently i needed to buy a phone approx 20k i have sorted N 79 please tell if any other phone is worthy i needed 5 mpx gps symbian platform
  4. prasad_den

    Software for conversion to mp4 format..!!

    My friend had recently bought a Chinese made iPod (from Delhi, for 1.5K - 1GB I think).. Its manual says its an mp4 player. Routine mp3 files do not play on it. On reading the manual (if you can call it that.. Its so horrible), I came to know that it accepts files (pics, video and music) only...
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