1. gagan_kumar

    Query: Purchasing upgrade for PC from US

    Hey , so i am finally purchasing an upgrade for my existing rig, which will be a SSD , a Gaming Headphone and internal HDD 3TB+ I need suggestions on from where and which model to purchase........... @mods please move this threads to relevant section if required, didn't know where to post...
  2. mavihs


    @Mods/Admin @Mods there are lots of members of TD in Delhi who want to buy NZXT Gamma cabby but its not available here. & if we buy it online, its costing us a lot(a 2K cabby is costing 3K here). so i was thinking if we order in Bulk then we can get it for pretty cheap! So is it oky to start a...
  3. W

    Please rate this domain -- www.diggr.mobi

    Hi Guys , Hope this is the right place for this :D I want to know how much you would pay for www.diggr.mobi www.diggr.info @mods , I am NOT SELLING here .Just an opinion poll kind of ... Thanks
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