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  1. Geekysam

    Which mobile apps/websites are there from where I can compete and win prizes

    In this lockdown I can’t go out so I want use my time wisely to do something lucrative sitting at home any ideas would be very appreciated.
  2. M

    What are the best mobile apps you have used?

    Here is my list. 1. Inshorts to read news quickly. 2. Google Search for searching anything 3. 1 Weather for weather updates...
  3. N

    Bachelor thesis on digital payment.

    Hi everyone, I am currently working on my bachelor thesis on decreasing cyber-crime in India. As such I need the help of people living in India to fill in my 100% anonymous short survey! I know how this sound so I am only asking you for maximum 1 minute of your time! This survey will help me...
  4. L

    Any free app to record the caller history

    I want to save/backup my caller history in regular intervals to any cloud . is there any free app ? Basically i want some reliable app with cloud backing which i can view via web online interface. Thanks
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