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microsd card

  1. S

    Samsung Evo+ vs Strontium Nitro

    Hi Looking forward to buy a microsd card to be used in smartphones only.I am looking to buy a 64gb card only and have narrowed down between Samsung evo+ 64gb and Strontium nitro 64gb which one would be better,how reliable are strontium cards vs samsung. Samsung Evo+ 64GB Class 10 microSDXC...
  2. Pratik Pawar

    micro SD Card problem

    guys, my friend has a micro SD card of 8 gb in her 3 yr old samsung, android 4.0.4 brand is some "HOPE":-? but the phone doesnt detect it. on my PC (win 7) its seen just as a blank drive. no filesystem, not even RAW I cant open it, asks for formatting, but even after waiting for 2 hours...
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