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media player

  1. J

    Which media player to buy?

    Dear friends, I am new here and I am not sure if I suppose to post it here. I am looking for media player that can play my video, movies, and music. I was recommended by friend to go for Popcorn Hour A-500 and/or Chromecast. I wanted a player that can run for long hours so that I can get...
  2. R

    Suggest me 5.1 audio system under Rs.20,000

    Suggest me 5.1 audio system under 20k. i want to get audio output from Minix Neo X8-H Plus media Player. The audio output is via Optical In. I Saw Logitech z906(500w) with optical in for 21K and also Philips HTD5580 dvd player(1000w) with Optical In it also have wireless rear tallboy speaker...
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