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  1. isenberg

    which branch to chose in engineering ?

    Hi, I am really confused about deciding which branch to take admission into in b.tech amongst Mech. , CSE and ECE. I want to do M.tech after B.tech. So, salary is not a big deal for me (at least not yet). I've always wanted to go for CSE as I had interest in programming and other computer...
  2. A

    What will a Mech Engg Fresher get?

    Hi all Im in DCE doing my mech engg{btech.}.Im scoring around 70%. What is the best possible placement i can get,barring PSU ie IOCL,BHEL,etc. as i dont want to sit for GATE. THANKS!
  3. A

    cad softwares wanted

    i want cad programs like solidworks 2005 catiav5r14 proe softwares for learning them i am doing mech engg pls provide any links for downloading
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