1. prvprv

    Seagate 1TB without buffer?

    Bought Seagate SATA 1TB HDD for 3250/- at Ameerpet. I got a strange problem here. The model number of this drive is ST31000528AS. When i chekced the info of this drive in Everest, HDTune, hwinfo softwares it shows that buffer size is UNKNOWN (or) n/a. The OS drive which is a 500GB Seagate...
  2. JohnephSi

    Help me

    How much MB is equal to 391151 KB ....is it equal to 382 MB ? .....i get a download speed of 260 KB/sec ...How much is it in MB/sec ?
  3. mad1231moody

    Sata HDD jumper

    Hey friends is there any difference between jumpers for sata and pata HDD's. I want to operate my seagate Sata II in 150 MB/sec mode. Please guide as to how do I go bout it
  4. KoRn

    PLease help me answer these simple questions

    hey guys please help me answer these questions please guys please....(ALSO ANSWER DIRECTLY)sum of u may know where they're from but dats besides the point please dont ask me jus answer them ok here they are: 1.WHICH 2 COMPONENTS DOES SLI BIND TOGETHER? A) HARD DISKS B) GRAPHICS CARDS...
  5. M

    transfer speed of SATA-II

    What is the theoretical maximum transfer speed of SATA-II? 150 MB/sec 256 MB/sec 300 MB/sec plz help :arrow:
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