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    if any one wanted laptop battery,adapteretc

    Hi guys, as i would like to tell you that i am selling laptop batterries,adapters,comdodrives,hdd,pcmci card,memory,etc i also sell original ibm and hp products for desktops and laptops if any one needed can contact me on my mobile no 9820603736 my name is manish feel free to call me or send me...
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    covert cds to DVD

    Hi All, I have a bunch of cd image files(.nrg files). i want to burn and place them on a single DVD so all the contents are on one DVD. How do i do it?. Any ideas? Regards, Manish
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    pc clock is behaving erratically

    I am surprised to find that the date and timing change on their own on my pc. Could it be due to a virus...which one? Usually this happens only after shutdown thanks manish
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    Mobile Flashing..

    Need to knw places in Mumbai which flash mobiles.. One is know is Manish Market.. can some1 tell me others too.. urgent plz..
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