1. panacea_amc

    Beetel MagiQ users anyone...

    hello, I am planning to buy a tablet within Rs 10K for the purpose of reading PDFs solely. Also, it should have a bluetooth option. I have zeroed into thie Beetel MagiQ model. Its pitfalls are resistive touchscreen and poor battery. please give ur feedback if u are using this tablet. Thanks.
  2. V

    Beetel Magiq

    Sire, I wanted to enquire about the tab beetel magiq. I hav following questions: 1. how can we connect usb devices to this tab, such as a pen drive. 2. Can we connect a cd rom to this tab in any way. 3. Can live tv be watched. If possible please suggest any tab in this range with a sim card...
  3. D

    Beetel Magiq worth buy or not

    recently beetel launched it's new Tablet called magiq for 10k and i am looking forward to purchase it as the specifications are pretty impressive but still i want to know whether is it worth buying or should i drop the plan as the price is not too much as compared to other 7" Tablets available...
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