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  1. M

    Gaming Keyboard

    Hi guys i am having 4k budget for my keyboard can you suggest which one is better in these two......... I liked both :mrgreen: Razer Lycosa Mirror Gaming Keyboard (black) - @ 3750 on flipkart :razz: Razer Lycosa Mirror Special Edition - Gaming Keyboard | Razer Online Store | For Gamers...
  2. d6bmg

    BEtter keyboard between these keyboards

    I've selected 3 keyboards: 1. Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110 2. Razer Lycosa Mirror (Special Edition) - RZ03-00181400-R3M1 3. Razer Lycosa Backlit Gaming Keyboard (RZ03-00180100-R3M1) All are avilable @ 3.4K. Which one is the best among these three? And I also heard that in G110, LED...
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