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  1. anshul

    Bandwidth limiter

    I am using DATAONE 250 plan and get 1gb download limit. First of all an ackward question: Is the limit 1gb or 1Gb? Then I dont wish to overshoot my limit and so want a (preferably freeware) bandwidth limiter that stops the connection when I reach 1Gb mark(or 1gb mark). Any suggestions?
  2. T

    GTA San Andreas frame limiter

    Is there a way to increase san andreas frame limiter in v1.01 of the game. I wonder why they set it to 25 fps in the first place. Do help if you know the way.Remember in v1.01 of the game,not the original.
  3. T


    HEY! I found this neat tweak on gtaforums.com to change the SAN ANDREAS frame limiter.With due respect to the original author there I present you the tweak. Download HIEW here: http://www.serje.net/sen/ Extract the files to any folder.Then place HIEWDEMO.EXE in the SAN ANDREAS root folder...
  4. mario_pant

    Is dataone hacking possible....

    hi there i was just surfing the web and i came across a like to a post by "paresh patel" at vinuthomas.com forum.... but now the post has been deleted and so has been the member... he had posted a working method to hack into the "weak" security dataone servers and kill the speed limiter... is...
  5. T

    San Andreas Patch

    Does anyone of you have the new gta san andreas 1.01 patch.if so,does it correct the frame limiter and set it to 30 fps instead of the 25 fps initially.
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