1. N

    Laptop Suggestion: 13-14 inch / i5 / 8GB / 512 SSD / Long Battery - Urgent please

    I am really very confused. For past 5 days, I am only searching for a good laptop to buy immediately when the lockdown ends or even before that, but not ending up with a single model out. Please help guys. 1) Budget: upto Rs.60,000/- 2) Size: 13" to 14" screen 3) Primarily for light Photo...
  2. webgenius

    Scooter for my wife and dad

    Hi friends, My dad recently had an accident while riding our old Kinetic Honda. This scooter is more than 10 year old, heavy, difficult to ride. I'm planning to replace this scooter with a new one. I ride a car myself, and hence am not much aware of the various 2-wheelers available in the...
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