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  1. T

    Twitter get a Face Lift ! :)

    Twitter on the web get a new Face Lift. Twitter is now allowing users to showcase their profile with Facebook like Timeline Cover. You can add a COVER art called "HEADER" in twitter of a maximum size of 1252 x 600px EXAMPLES : [ Please don't start to follow them ] Some Indian...
  2. Third Eye

    > Japanese build power armor exoskeleton., Its real, watch the video.

    A working exoskeleton that allows a person to lift up to 10 times their strength. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=27a_1179472532
  3. tuXian

    Bollywood Actors Mimicry True Tones

    Hi! just purchased Nokia 6630. I remember one of my friends had ringtones asking to lift the mobile phone in mimicry voices of old and new bollywood actors. But unfortunately he is untraceble to me now. Even Googling didnt help. Yahoo India has micmicry tones but they are generic ones and dont...
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