1. theserpent

    What to Opt.

    Well im curently in 12th(State board)(classes begin in june).Subjects Computer,Stats,Business and accounts. Well Now im confused.First i had decided B.com+Mba. But then my uncle told Mca would be a better option. But can i really go for BCA+MCA.As i have no Maths :(. But yeah i really love...
  2. M

    Online Shopping woe - timtara.com

    Hi, I ordered for a Tissot Men's Watch from Timtara.com on 24/12/2011 for Rs. 10,703 INR. Order No: #10154647 Customer Name: Manoj Elangovan I haven't yet received my product and unable to reach them on their Customer care number 033-40166500. I have sent them numerous mails to...
  3. scavanger007

    which web language next?

    Friends, I just learnt XHTML and CSS. Since it is the most basic web programming language to be learnt, it was easy to choose it from the rest of the other languages. But now I m confused:?: that which should be the next language that I should approach. Also if you all can sequence the rest of...
  4. R

    Java, C, C++ or what???

    I'm a 10th grade student and i love programming. I have already learnt VB 6.0 and would like to extend my knowledge in the fied of programming. So can anyone please suggest what language do i begin with. As of what i've heard, i'm gonne be taught C++ at school thi yr or the next one but having...
  5. Gigacore

    Which is your first OS?

    Which is the first OS u come across and learnt the basics from it? Me: Windows ME
  6. desmond_315

    Setting up an internet connection in linux

    hey guys....this might seem real dumb to ul expert but im real new to linux.. have just installed fedora core 5 on my comp... its been a bit difficult learning cause i have gota switch bet my windows n linux for tutorials n then to practise wat ive learnt.. that y i need ur help in settin an...
  7. K

    PhotoshopCS or PhtoshopCS with Image ready

    For PhotoshopCS and PhotoshopCS with Image ready, which one you think to be better and advantageous and what is the difference between these Softwares and moreover, which one is better to be learnt. Your detailed reply,please
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