1. S

    Dell Laptop that can handle gaming

    So I have dell credit and am looking at updating my laptop. I would like to stay in the 1500us budget but can spend a little more I currently have a studio xps 1645 (1st gen i7 quad core, 500gb HD, radeon 4430 GPU, 4gb ram) I am looking for something smaller 15in or less with better battery...
  2. ArZuNeOs

    Car Flies in the year 2009

    Source : A company called Terrafugia is currently developing a plane that transitions into a car. For a mere $148,000 you too can own a Transition. When completed in late 2009, it will have an average cruising speed of 115 mph, gets over 25 mpg in the air. It’s classified as a...
  3. Gigacore

    6.8 Ghz, 1 TB RAM, 2 TB HDD, Laptop?

    Yes its true, you are reading it rite.... 6.8 GHZ, 1 TB RAM, and 2 TB Hard Drive AtomChip has announced a SUPER NOTEBOOK COMPUTER, THE AtomChip SG220-2. Features to note are as follows: 6.8 GHZ Processor 1 TB NvIOpSRAM (Quantum-Optical non-volatile RAM) 2 TB NvIOpRAM-ATA IDE Storage...
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