1. A

    Thinking of a replacement..

    Thinking of a replace my nikkor lenses.. Option1>> 18-55mm+55-200mm with the 18-105mm Option2>> 18-55mm+55-200mm with the 18-200mm Am primarily into landscape, architecture and people. Suggest the best option :)

    Nokia C3 java Game

    Hello everyone,I have a huge collection of games for Nokia 5130 XM(LOST) Going to get a C3 , Has same RESOLUTION but in landscape mode.Will the games run Properly? Nokia 5130 XM > 240x320 in portrait mode Nokia C3 > 320x240 in landscape mode Thanks.
  3. celldweller1591

    Canonical Releases Landscape 1.5

    Ubuntu has taken the Linux world by storm on the desktop, but, for the enterprise market, it is still an up-and-comer. The open-source operating system is evolving to meet the requirements of this market as well and has proven especially popular for cloud applications. The Ubuntu Enterprise...
  4. Cool G5

    Windows 7 Theme for s60v3

    After working for a long week, another theme is ready for you. Here is Windows 7 Theme for s60v3 devices. Windows 7 Theme will work on all s60v3 devices having a display resolution of 240*320 pixels. It isn’t designed for Landscape mode, so if you use any screen rotater software or your...
  5. P

    Image Stabilizer in SE k810i

    Hi guyz, can't i use the Image stabilizer feature of k810i in every scenes i choose. By default i can only use it in "landscape" mode. Can't i also use it in "portrait" mode????plzzzz help
  6. maharajadhiraj

    W550i query

    how can i change the w550i screen from landscape to portrait coz gaming and camera is a bit uneasy with landscape
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