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  1. Icosagon

    Disk usage 100% and laptop lagging at times

    Hello Guys This is my second post in the digit forum. My laptop now is lagging very much sometimes and on booting, it may take a while to load the desktop icons. When I open the task manager and check the disk usage, it might be 80 to 100 percent. At now memory usage is 77 % and disk usage 100...
  2. R

    Fifa 12 lag with ASUS ATI 6670 gddr5

    Hi guys, I just recently bought an ASUS 6670 gddr5 1 gb card and its been performing well in high end games likes skyrim but i am experiencing lag/stuttering in fifa 12. :-( when i see the frames using fraps, i get around 48-55 on average and it is still stuttering. Any way to solve this?
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