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  1. Abhishek Dwivedi

    Motorola L7i help needed @@urgent@@

    Hi guys..a frnd of mine just got L7i but he's got a problem...:( He wants to hide or password protect a file or a folder in his fone...can ne 1 plzz help me in doing dat...its a bit urgent so plzz help....thx in advance...
  2. enticer86

    Nokia 5200

    Guys i hav a moto l7i n i recently got a nokia 5200 fr myself. Though n5200 doesnt come with a data cable, i observed tht the data cable port in n5200 is the same as in l7i so can i use the l7i cable fr 5200???
  3. pushkar

    Which mobile should I buy?

    OK, I am a 17 year old student. I want to buy a cell as now I am going to hostel and will need a mobile. :) I am a newbie in mobile phones. This is my first mobile which I am going to use. My budget is around Rs. 8000. I need the following features: Should be good looking (I go a lot on looks...
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