1. S

    Buying an ebook reader under 8000/- PLEASE HELP! URGENT!

    Hi guys/girls, I am looking for an ebook reader under the budget of 7000 rupees. I found a link for a Nook Glowlight online on ebay: Nook Glowlight BNRV500 Barnes Noble Ereader 6" Kindle Paperwhite Alternative | eBay Since I wanted an ebook reader with a light and a long battery life, is...
  2. funkysourav

    Need Help buying a Kobo Touch Ereader from Ebay seller

    Hi Guys! I am interested in buying a Kobo Touch EBook Reader from an Ebay listing as given below Kobo Touch E Reader 15cm Silver | eBay The problem is that the seller does not ship to my location , i.e. my location is not serviceable by them you can check if a location is serviceable by...
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