1. maverick786us

    Damm what should I do now? I am doomed

    Its my dream to buy a Lumia 920. I can even spend 40K if its that worth. But it will come in india around jan. My existing Nokia N900 has gone for a toss it is that most of teh time it does'nt recognize the network loose sim connection. So what should do? Get a Lumia 900 for now? I asked the...
  2. S

    how to lob a ball over keeper in fifa?

    in 1 on 1 situation when keeper approaches you (striker)then how to score by lobbing the ball over his head..i play fifa 2010 on pc so tell accordingly... guys pls tell me
  3. R

    Looking 4 Good Password Keeper Software

    I am Looking for a Password Keeper with Following features + Good UI # Should have good UI [ I did do google search for PKeeper but most of them were Ugly # Should have ablity to export to dbf ,excel format # Prefer Freeware , but can suggest paid also [if good UI] [most from google results...
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