1. masterkd

    Going wireless KB/M or controller..Budget 3k!!

    I want to get some wireless hardware for gaming so, I have two options - xbox wireless controller - wireless keyboard/mouse I have no experience in controller..and I mainly play RPG Should I go for controller?? If no then please suggest me some wireless KB/M within 3k Thanks in advance
  2. J

    Please Suggest Config -- Bangalore

    Please Suggest Config -- Bangalore (Intel Q6600 Price Cuts April 20th) Processor -- 1.E8400 or 2.Q6600 Ram -- 2GB x 2 Transcend DDR2 800 Motherboard -- Abit IP35-E G.Card -- Nvidia 8600GT(512 MB/ 1GB DDR2) Any brand recommendations ? HDD -- WD Caviar WD5000AAKS (optional) DVD Writer --...
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