1. T

    Buying pc cabinet from itdepot via dtdc

    Hey guyz i live in jharkhand. And planning to buy Thermaltake n23 cabinet from itdepot via dtdc as its in my budget. I want to ask how trustworthy is itdepot in case on arrival my package is found damaged. Will they coperate to resolve my issue if i lodge my grievance immediately with them...
  2. rahul18348

    [Query] need URGENT help fixing my fan - ordered from theitdepot

    I ordered an NZXT FN120RB (white) performance fan from itdepot so that it would look like an original fan of my NZXT gamma. The package arrived with the fan broken from the stalk (pics enclosed). I have already mailed itdepot about this. i feel my 400 bucks are wasted. What can i do now...
  3. D

    Reps for

    Hey everybody i am beginning my i5 2500k and GTX570 based build. Im thinking of starting off by ordering my Case and SMPS first from the Ill try getting the rest locally. So it will be great if some of u share experiences of ordering stuff from itdepot. I live in Hyderabad and...
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