1. heartripple

    How can I change my log in name?

    Hi guys I want to change my Digit Forum login name.:-D tell me how can i do it?:confused:
  2. Most Wanted

    My own Avatar

    I want to make my own animated avatar. can anyone tell me how can i do it?:confused:
  3. L

    Chasis Event Occured

    Hello everybody Whenever I open Computer Managment console (Right click my computer-> manage) I am getting a notification with "OK" button saying "Chasis Event Occured". Can anyone please help what is this and why am I getting it?:confused: Thanks
  4. P

    What is Aero 2?

    I think i have heard somewhere that Aero 2 is there but what is it?:confused:
  5. Help~Is~Here

    Games on Demand (GOD)

    Hi Guys, I was wondering as to how many of you have tried GOD that is offered by BSNL/AIRTEL and other service providers and if it's really worth subscribing to that service? How many of you have used it and what do you think about it?:confused: Nooo one?
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