1. rickenjus

    Installing Red Hat Linux 9 and triple booting

    Heys guys, I have windows 8.1 and 2000 installed on my pc. I wants to install red hat linux 9 now. I have already downloaded iso files from softpedia, they are total 6. Now is there any other way to intall these from pen drive or dvd instead of writing them to 6 individual cds. ??
  2. chandan3

    Direct x intall problem

    Intall problem .direct shows setup could not download the file.please retry later or cheak network connection
  3. chandan3

    Which intsall

    My laptop shows ' you have to intall ATK0100 driver .wt i ll do ple help me
  4. phuchungbhutia

    help, creating multi-boot digit os dvd

    october 2010 digit has provided 4 linux os ... one ubuntu studio which is over 1.5 gb so it can be burned in a dvd only. i want to know someway to burn all the os in same dvd such that there would be choice to intall them while booting.... eg menu would load while booting ..... install...
  5. D

    AGP Slot

    My motherboard Doesnt hav an AGP slot.But i want to intall one. Hav any idea. Thanks Dhooomketoo
  6. S

    how to uninstall ubundu linux

    hi.. i have two os on my system.win98 n winxp...few days back i hav intall ubundu linux .process gone fine n after it i hav got dual boot. now the problem is i dont know how to uninstall that linux ....i try to delete it by deleting that partion of harddrive but when i restarted the...
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