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  1. dharmil007

    Small error in C implementing fCfS algo

    Small error in C implementing fCfS algo I m trying to implement fCfS Algo. The programm is not ful fledged complete. But the programm ends abruptly after the first input So pls can anyone help me whats wrong ? #include <stdio.h> int nopr,art[50],jt[50],start,wt[50],i,j,k,l,m; void fcfs () {...
  2. Zangetsu

    Now Multiboot in Android OS

    yes you hear right..:doublethumb: u can penta boot on Android OS. but do read the whole article before implementing :mrgreen: How to - Multi-boot Android OS' on your phone - Tech2.in.com
  3. P

    Gaming in C

    Can anyone provide any tutorial for 3D animation by implementing C and gaming through that...
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