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  1. ax3

    Ide/Pata drive not showing !!!

    hi, i have a i3 processor with 8 gb ram, 1tb sata drive, 40 gb ide/pata drive ... few days back my power supply gave out so i got a new one ... after pluging it, my old ide/pata drive doesnt showup in bios & windows ... tried solo boot (ide has xp installed) also bt no effect ... its working...
  2. g_goyal2000

    Hard Disk make a sound on Startup & shutdown

    Hi. I recently got my Samsung SP0802N 80 GB IDE/PATA hard disk replaced with a Samsung SP0822N (yup, SP0822N) 80 GB IDE/PATA hard disk. The problem is, when I power on the computer & while POST, the hard disk makes a single 'tuck' noise which also occurs when the computer is turned off. My...
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