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  1. chesss

    wrestler hitting himself

    Is wrestling real?? :lol: more!
  2. M

    NFS-Carbon: How TO Drift: Which Keys To Use ?

    Hey Friends, Few days ago i installed NFS Carbon on my pc, but i could not drift properly, plzzzzzzzzzz let me know how to drift ? which key combinations should be used ?? How to score by hitting X20 ??? waiting for reply from u all gamerz regards, Manoj.
  3. rajasekharan

    please identify this game . .

    its an old one . . dont remember much . . its like this : you have car ,you race from one point to another carrying a parcel or something , you can bomb other cars , hitting space bar will throw some package to other cars and will explode them . . please identify this one for me :-(.
  4. P

    Bad shutdown in winxp

    is there a way out if scandisk as result of improper shutdown or reset is bypassed once by hitting any key , next time it disappers like win98 ? Please help with a suggestion.
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