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  1. amjath

    Issue with Windows 8.1 Password Reset using Hiren

    Hi guys, My friend forgot his password for his Windows 8.1 login, so he wanted me to reset the password. So I used Hiren boot cd and loaded to "offline nt password registry editor" When the drivers loads I see a strange behavior After this I had no choice but to press enter...
  2. hluachawngthu

    Tell me about how to use Hiren boot CD 9.2

    In order to make my System more stable, I want to use Hiren Boot CD 9.2 for creating an image. But I do not know how to use. When I boot it from CD, I don't know which is to be selected and many others. Please tell me about the step-by-step instructions to use Hiren boot CD 9.2.
  3. P

    is there any software?

    is the any software to create multiboot DVD ??, like for example, when press 1 - install XP, 2 - Vista and 3 - run hiren boot CD
  4. arunks

    bootable hiren pen drive

    i have bootable hiren boot cd and also its iso image.. i want to have my pen drive same as bootable cd means i want to create hiren bootable in my pen drive rather than cd from iso image.. So plz help me as on google i m not able to search required solution.. if someone has experience...
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