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    Audiophilia: Meetup group for audiophiles

    I've started a Meetup group for audiophiles. It is absolutely free. Members of this forum are welcome to join the group and make it their own. Link: Audiophilia (Audiophile Heaven) - Meetup.com Also, feel free to join the Whatsapp group. Send a request to +91-9910623813. Thank You...
  2. A

    Phone within 5k?

    I have been looking for a good smartphone within 5k and got a look at Micromax AISHA. It is providing good features at that rate.. Would ask u all whether I would go for it or s there anything better.. No hifi requriments.. just want basic features
  3. anispace

    Best digital camcorder for home use??

    I would like to know which is the best camcorder for home use. It need not be hifi but should contain all functions suitable for home use
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