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    [Query] Which psu, motherboard, hdd has best service

    I am planning to buy a basic system using Intel G3xx series processors and H81 motherboard. I am yet to finalise a PSU and HDD. Which PSU would you guys suggest under 3,000-4,000 rupees having a good replacement warranty? Or should I go with a generic PSU? Should I go with 1 TB WD Blue or...
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    Help selecting mobo+motherboard

    Hi Guyz, upgrading my PC... confused between FX6300+gigabyte 930 ds3p OR Core i5 4440+ gigabyte h81 Also, please provide me the gigabyte h81 link if it is better I am adding r9270x 2 gb oc Sapphire + and Corsair VS550 + Corsair vengance 4 gb Thank you :) PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHICH IS MORE...
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    B85 vs H81 Chipset

    Hi guys, Hey looking for a mbd for my Intel 4440 proc but lil bit confused whether to go for H81 or B85 , If I'm not wrong only diff between them is H81 has fewer options for expansions like USB 3.0 , only 2 SATA III ports, no Crossfire (which I m not gonna use neways) ....etc but cmon I am...
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    Which Intel Haswell chipset : H81 vs B85

    Which Intel Haswell chipset : H81 vs B85 - Pulled the trigger Hi Friends I'm confused with between two Intel Haswell chipsets: H81 vs B85 having a HDMI interface. B85 has everything that H81 has plus ... 1. PCIe 3.0 support (offered by Gigabyte, Asus, ASRock,etc) 2. Few Extra USB 3.0 ports...
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