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    Core I5 6500 + H110 motherboard

    Hi all, I am building my first rig and want to know prices for... 1) Core I5 + H110 Motherboard 2) 600 watt / 650 watt psu (continuous rated & of standard brands) P.S. I have seen price of I5 6500 on this forum as Rs 14,600, but on many online sites it about 15-16k+ can anyone suggest...
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    Need Lowest prices for my first computer rig

    Hello all, I need help of you all to get lowest prices of the components described as under: 1) Core I5 6500 2) H110 Motherboard 3) 600/650 watts PSU 4) 8 GB single slot DDR4 Ram (got 1 lowest price of Dologix) 5) 1 TB 7200 HDD (Seagate/WD) Please help me ! & thank you in advance ...
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