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  1. sujeet2555

    confused over nvdia card or amd card

    i have bought recently ASUS B150M Plus DDR4+i5 6500+ Gskill 8GB DDR4 Ram .after reading the manual closely i came to know that it support AMD crossfireX technolgy and has two pciex16 sockets. i have to buy a graphic card now and confused if i should buy a amd card so that i can add a card in...
  2. C

    ASUS GeForce GTX970 STRIX OC Review : Strix on Maxwell v2

    The second generation of Maxwell has been a big market disruptor. While the bigger, faster GTX980 set the bar for how flagship graphics cards should perform, the second in line, GTX970 brought R9 290X level performances in sub 30K price point and in turn forced the camp red to push prices down...
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