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    Bottleneck or FPS problem

    Hey, Yesterday I bought MSI Gtx 1070 Gaming X graphic card, Enjoyed it. But after seeing its potential here- MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 8 GB Review | techPowerU I stunned because I was happy that I got this card that is capable of burning huge fps out of it even in the GTAV like shown on above...
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    SO GTA V retail requires a 5GB day 1 update. Rockstar, are you f**king kidding me!??

    So I'm still waiting for my retail copy of GTA V (Thanks a lot, GamesTheShop), and now i'm hearing at forums, that even after taking ages, R* is NOT delivering the whole game in the retail box, but instead it has a mandatory 5GB patch...
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    Please give me a list of all laptop with these spec

    Processor:- Second generation Intel i7 or any other fast RAM: - 8gb and above HDD:- 1TB and above Disk Drive:- Blu ray drive or any other Graphic Card:- 2gb or above Screen: - any size I need a laptop for playing heavy games (like GTAV, which i ordered and Battlefield 3) and for running...
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