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  1. Harsh Pranami

    Need help with Greedy Technique Problem

    Here goes the question. Given a class S of sets Si where 1<=i<=m. Let the size(cardinality) of a set Si be ji. A subset T of S, T={T1, T2, ........., Tk}, where Ti= Sr in S. T is a cover of S if U Tk= U Si , 1<=i<=m. A minimum cover of S is a cover of minimum size. Consider the greedy strategy...
  2. BBThumbHealer

    Configure Greedy Torrent....

    hey guys i m not able to configure greedy torrent when i download thru torrents.... it gives the msg couldn't listen to the port...i set the same port in greedy torrent thru which i m downloading in utorrent... wat could be the prb ? Thnx BlackBerry7100g
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