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graphic card help

  1. N

    Black Screen after booting / sometimes after few mins

    This happened all of a sudden, my screen flickered while playing a game and that's all i could remember. Screen went black no mouse or keyboard usable. Even after restarting i kept getting the same problem. Went through google and managed to disable graphics card. System came back but i could...
  2. T

    Graphic Card For Gaming . Budget between 6k-7k..

    Please suggest some good graphic card for Gaming purpose.. My max budget is between 6.5k not more than that.. My PC config are : -Processor intel i3 3220 3.30ghz -Motherboard gigabyte ga-b75m-d3h -Ram corsair vengeance 4GB ddr3 -PSU cooler master thunder 450 W Reply ASAP..
  3. C

    Need help regarding PC setup.

    Hi there, I'm upgrading my PC and am looking to get the best possible combination of CPU, GPU & Motherboard & now stuck between 3 set of options. All of the setups fits within Rs.20K-25K, which is my budget. I will be gaming mostly and no multitasking (read the Q.A. I filled up). I want the...
  4. H

    Cheapest GPU

    Hey! everybody i just want a cheap gpu for games and i am not a hardcore gamer, so I just want to play games in low to mid settings. Can anybody suggest me a cheap gpu with which i can play latest games like cod mw3, battlefield 3, Gta 4? and again just to play in low to mid settings.:|
  5. sanny16

    sapphire hd 7850 2 gb not being detected in the system

    I recently purchased an assembled PC. Today i successfully installed OS and drivers of motherboard as well as graphic card. My monitor is connected via vga output of graphic card. Now how do i make my pc detect the graphic card? I ran "dxdiag" no graphic card detected there. I also saw rating of...
  6. P

    Nee help in choosing AMD HD 7970 Version

    Hi guys.. After many suggestions I have decided to go with HD7970 .I am having trouble as to which make(Sapphire,asus,MSI..etc) I should buy.And what is the difference between a reference and a non reference card??which one is good for gaming ??I need really quiet ,cooler version with decent...
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