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    Recommend upgrade to get maximum juice / value from my AMD system

    Please recommend Possible upgrades to get maximum juice of this system. purchase in USA (only via online and can't do in-store purchase) within next 2 days and bring it back to India Purpose: Will be running 2-3 OS in VMWARE workstation, Cisco UCS Simulator, GNS3 software ( not simultaneously...
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    for running GNS3 Software- CPU+Mobo+RAM+HDD-Request Your recommendation

    Hi all, I want your recommendation on CPU, Mobo, RAM & also for HDD(if needed), GPU(if needed) for Purpose of upgrade: 1. I want to run a Network Devices emulator software - GNS3 which needs pretty decent ( not over the top) CPU cycles- it is combination of hardware & software tweaking (...
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