1. socrates

    Juniper at the root of Internet outage?

    Juniper at the root of Internet outage? - Computerworld
  2. Voldy

    Solar-Powered Floating Globe

    Solar-Powered Floating Globe Shines in Every Color? I would say that the product title is pretty far fetched, considering how there are millions and millions of different colors available whether our eyes can detect it or not. Ah well, at least it adds to the appeal of the product. As its name...
  3. I

    free computer to Landline/mobile phones

    I just want to tell u about a software named "GLOBE 7" which allows u to call free on any mobile landline anywhere in the world 4 free.When u sign up for globe 7 account u get onr account id & password & u get free 1$ to talk.Charges are only 1 cent/min for America and canada as it is a US based...
  4. pritish_kul2

    Globe 7

    I am having problem with globe 7. the registration page does not open.
  5. True Geek

    GLOBE 7 ........illegal or legal........In INDIA??

    I recently d/w GLOBE 7 and to my amusement it can make call to any fone :shock: :shock: but one of my frnd says its illigal in india is it true??? Can some1 throw a light on it!!! Sud i be using it or not??
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