1. S

    [VideoGuide][Hindi] How to make a Gif from WhatsApp

    I hope and believe everybody will like this thread. In this thread i will tell you those things which interests us more. Reply and if you have any kind of question ask. Thanks How to convert video to gif within whatsapp in mobile
  2. RBX

    View Animated GIFs

    One thing has bugged me for long and haven't found a solution for it yet - how do you view animated GIFs in Windows 7 ? Dragging the GIF in a browser each time isn't a preferred option for me.
  3. P

    software for sparkles or glitters

    hi friends this is after a very long tiime. i hav a few png images of flowers etc. i want them to save as glittering or sparkling gifs...of coz they will become animated. any software for that... also i dont want to loose transparency... thanxxx in advance
  4. Chetan1991

    Need tutorial:Making animated bmps

    Hi! is there any way bitmaps can be made animated just like GIFs?? plz click the balance!!:D
  5. Tech Geek

    resizing gifs

    does anyone know how to resize the gifs
  6. iinfi

    doesnt firedox support GIF

    doesnt firedox support GIF??? GIFs are not working in my browser!!!
  7. bharat_r

    a few problems in firefox

    I'm having a few problems in firefox. If I search the forums for firefox problem it gives many resuts in many pages. Sorry I don't have the patience to go through them all. __________________________________________________ Firefox 1.0.4 *does not display some images posted on...
  8. tuxfan

    Animated GIFs don't animate in Firefox

    I have firefox on Win98SE. The problem is that animated GIFs don't animate and are displayed as a stationery picture. I think the problem is because of some settings in ZoneAlarm (Pro), but couldn't find anything. Or is it some other problem?
  9. S

    No GIFs

    I m not able to see any gif images in my mails only irrespective of the browser i use.
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